लैटिन अमरीकी कविता (मेक्सिको)

  अनुवादः राजेश कुमार झा डेविड होर्ता की तीन कविताएं डेविड होर्ता (जन्म 1949) मेक्सिको के महानतम कवियों में गिने जाते हैं। वे अपनी कविताओ में बिंब और प्रतीकों के साथ ही बिलकुल असामान्य शब्दावली का इस्तेमाल करते हैं। होर्ता की कविताएं असाधारण और जटिल हैं। उनका मानना है कि वे परंपरागत शैली में कविता… Continue reading लैटिन अमरीकी कविता (मेक्सिको)

तीन कवि, चार कविताएं

Translation of four poems by three Indian Poets- K. Sachidanandan, Sharan Kumar Limbale and Dilip Chitre


-Rajesh K. Jha I hold a grudge against the clouds. It has teased me the entire day, darkening a corner of the sky and then disappearing, sprinkling a drop on the tip of my nose, thundering at a distance arousing hope that dissipates like good times. I bribe it with a flower, offer a servile… Continue reading Clouds

क्वामे दावेस की कविताएं (२)

घाना में पैदा हुए, जमैका में पले बढ़े क्वामे दावेस की कविताओं के अनुवाद की दूसरी किस्त जिसमें शामिल हैं उनकी चार अन्य कविताएं।


Government is today the largest employer in the organised sector. It also has emerged as a very big employer for people with temporary status who lack social security of any kind. The casualisation of labour is reflected in the govt set up too. It looks like we have closed our eyes to the reality of the non-regular workers. Some steps that govt can take to make the work condition just and honourable. Those in the govt need to turn their attention to this sector which allows for exploitation by the contractors, hiring agencies etc. Musings on the May Day

Democracy as Spectacle

Exit polls and the media created hysteria around it is a spectacle that hides behind it a lot of things which needs more attention. French media theorist Guy Debord has said that modern world lives in a spectacle society. The media is its carrier and vital force. Since media and democratic processes have got so deeply enmeshed with each other, it is almost impossible to separate the two. This process of turning everything into an spectacle has dangerous consequences for both society and democracy by corrupting and distorting the meaning and understanding of democracy.
The write up analyses the flaw behind the spectacles such as exit polls and draws attention to our role as conscious, conscientious citizens of the country.