Questioning Sanity at Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington

How does one look at sanity? Ms. Piccioto held a vigil at Pennsylvania Avenue in front of White House for more than 35 years against Nuclear Arms, Zionism -all alone till she died in January 2016. Was it meaningless? Some reflections on the question of sanity, resistance and meaning in life.


Berkeley to Bundelkhand and the Dream of 15 Bananas an Hour

Partial Reflections Rajesh K. Jha Sitting in Berkeley and listening to some of the greatest scholars of the world is a rare privilege one gets in life. Alongside the academic experience, one also gets an exposure to the complexity of the American society first hand.  The vast sprawling campus of the UC Berkeley with majestic… Continue reading Berkeley to Bundelkhand and the Dream of 15 Bananas an Hour

Worshipping False Gods-Leadership?EQ?Success?Meaning?

Rajesh K. Jha It is a powerful scene from the Clint Eastwood directed Invitcus (2009). The biographical sports drama film on the life of Nelson Mandela depicts his efforts to realise the dream of a nation which has just emerged from the traumatic experience of apartheid. In the film, Mandela has taken over as the President… Continue reading Worshipping False Gods-Leadership?EQ?Success?Meaning?

Pity the Plumage and Ignore the Dying Bird-Why I don’t like to see India as a Brand?

Projecting India as a brand is seen as almost a duty for most of us. We are expected to do things in the government and outside to improve the brand image of India. But there are deeper issues in visualising India as a brand. These issues are explored in the write up.

Russian Ramblings

Rajesh K. Jha Moscow-The Land of Utopia Among my earliest memories from childhood I recollect the desire to study at the Patrice Lumumba University of Moscow or Shanti Niketan in West Bengal. Both these desires perhaps had their origin in the fact that my father was a communist and the area where I lived in… Continue reading Russian Ramblings

लैंग्सटन ह्यूजेज की कविताएं

     लैंग्सटन ह्यूजेज (1902-1967)- प्रसिद्ध अश्वेत कवि, नाटककार तथा उपन्यासकार। बीसवीं सदी के आरंभ में अमेरिका में शुरु हुए हारलेम प्रतिरोध के पुरोधा कवि। अश्वेत रचनाधर्मिता को नया रंग देने तथा साहित्य के एक नए सौंदर्यबोध का सृजन करने वाले कवि के रूप में विख्यात।   खूबसूरत ज़िंदगी (अनुवाद- राजेश कुमार झा) नदी के किनारे… Continue reading लैंग्सटन ह्यूजेज की कविताएं

अंधायुग (बर्त्तोल ब्रेख्त)

(बर्त्तोल   ब्रेख्त- 20वीं सदी के महान कवि, नाटककार तथा निर्देशक। जन्म- जर्मनी 1898, मृत्यु-1956। ब्रेख़्त ने नाटकों को एक नयी शैली प्रदान की। मदर करेज और थ्री पेनी ओपेरा उनके प्रसिद्ध नाटक हैं। इनकी रचनाओं में शांति की पक्षधरता तथा फासीवाद एवं युद्ध विरोधी स्वर मुखर रूप में दिखाई देता है।) अंधायुग (बर्त्तोल ब्रेख्त)… Continue reading अंधायुग (बर्त्तोल ब्रेख्त)