-Rajesh K. Jha I hold a grudge against the clouds. It has teased me the entire day, darkening a corner of the sky and then disappearing, sprinkling a drop on the tip of my nose, thundering at a distance arousing hope that dissipates like good times. I bribe it with a flower, offer a servile… Continue reading Clouds

O Nation, You are Great and Mighty!

-Rajesh Kumar Jha O Nation you are great and mighty, And I am small. My eyes widen, jaws drop and hands tremble, When I see your might, I find myself feeble. On the snow clad mountain, Inside the jungle and across the ravines, on enemies from beyond and enemies from within, encounter or gun battle,… Continue reading O Nation, You are Great and Mighty!

धीरे धीरे मरते जाते हैं हम (मार्था मद्योस*)

It is the translation of a poem ‘You start dying slowly’ (Muere Lentamente) wrongly attributed to Pablo Neruda. It is actually written by the Brazilian writer Martha Medeiros, author of numerous books and reporter for the Porto Alegre newspaper Zero Hora. It is a beautiful poem. Here is the Hindi translation of this poem

रवींद्रनाथ टैगोर की कविता

(आनंद कुमारस्वामी की पुस्तक डांस ऑफ शिवा से उद्धृत) अनुवाद- राजेश कुमार झा विरक्त हो संसार से, मुक्ति का यह मार्ग नहीं मेरा। संसार चक्र के शतबंधन से आबद्ध, करूँ आस्वादन अनंतमुक्ति, अमृतरस का… ध्वनि, दृश्य, गंध के हर स्पंदन से निःसृत, करूँ रसपान तेरे परम आह्लाद का, भाव व आसक्ति  की चिंगारी से सिंचित… Continue reading रवींद्रनाथ टैगोर की कविता